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New in ovo Device Set to Revolutionize Hatchery Practice

Monday, November 7, 2011 7:08 am EST


"Not least is the fact that chicks can be transferred out of the hatchery and into the grow-out environment sooner."

The benefits of in ovo vaccination are now within the reach of many more hatcheries worldwide, thanks to the development of a new compact device.

Embrex* Inovoject* m is a semi-automated in ovo vaccination system from Pfizer Animal Health Global Poultry designed for those hatcheries that do not have a large enough footprint or throughput to justify the installation of a full-size Embrex Inovoject. The new device allows these hatcheries to benefit from the improved accuracy, reliability and efficiency of in ovo vaccination, but in a more compact form.

Full technical details for the new Inovoject m will be unveiled at the International Poultry Expo in Atlanta, Georgia in January 2012. According to Melinda Freson, senior manager, BioDevice Marketing, Pfizer Animal Health Global Poultry, the new device will include the same core features of the larger Inovoject in a more condensed package.

“There has been a need for a smaller Inovoject for some time,” said Melinda Freson. “For smaller hatcheries, or those in developing countries which have traditionally relied on manual labor to vaccinate each bird individually after hatch, the availability of a semi-automated in ovo vaccination system that is the right size for their hatchery, will be a real breakthrough.”

Embrex Inovoject has been at the forefront of in ovo technology for over 20 years. In the US, more hatcheries use Embrex Inovoject than any other in ovo vaccination system. The full-size Inovoject can vaccinate up to 70,000 eggs per hour (configuration dependent), whereas Inovoject m is designed for a throughput of between 12,000 and 20,000 eggs per hour.

A more modest device in a compact size means that more hatcheries will be able to switch from manual subcutaneous vaccination and thus improve flock health by protecting birds prior to hatch.

“The Inovoject m has a number of operational advantages for the producer who currently vaccinates chicks on day of hatch,” said Freson. “Not least is the fact that chicks can be transferred out of the hatchery and into the grow-out environment sooner.”

As with all Embrex Inovoject devices, Inovoject m will be supported by the Pfizer Global Poultry technical service and support team. The new device will be unveiled to the public for the first time at a special invitation-only event at IPE. Ask your local Pfizer representative for details.

* Embrex Inovoject is a trademark of Pfizer Inc. or its affiliates

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