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Reach Teach Learn Project Encourages Youth to Advocate Ag

Monday, November 14, 2011 8:08 am EST


"All facets of agriculture, including the poultry industry, are impacted by consumer perceptions"

RALEIGH, N.C.--Some ag student out there has a big idea about how to promote ag. The Reach Teach Learn Project will make it happen. Hundreds of youth study on ag college campuses every day, passionate about agriculture and ready to tell their story. The Reach Teach Learn Project provides a vehicle for students to channel that passion into advocacy for agriculture.

In its fourth year, the Reach Teach Learn Project—sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health Global Poultry—helps aspiring poultry industry enthusiasts understand more concretely what it takes to produce safe, credible food for consumers.

“All facets of agriculture, including the poultry industry, are impacted by consumer perceptions,” says Robbie Moody, Pfizer Global Poultry Regional Marketing Director. “Through the Reach Teach Learn Project we hope to create an opportunity for college ag students to open a dialogue with consumers that enables the creation of positive perceptions about the poultry products they buy.”

In previous years the Reach Teach Learn program has encouraged ag students to create videos that promote agriculture in a unique way. This year the project has evolved to an online grant process where students with poultry interests can submit proposals for activities they could perform in their own college communities that promote positive ag messages.

Students submit their entries online, and applications can be in any format that best conveys their big ideas—video, slideshow, essay, etc. In each of three categories a combination of a voting process and judges’ critique will select a winner who will be awarded a grant of $3,000 toward the implementation of the specific project. The categories include:

-- Youth education: Projects that can help school-age children care about or better understand the food in their lunches and how it gets from the farm to their plate.

-- Community involvement: Projects that build awareness in a community about what it takes to raise quality food.

-- Food availability: Projects that demonstrate to the general public what’s in front of them in the grocery store and how it got there.

“The goal of Reach Teach Learn is to foster good will between those in agriculture and the general public,” says Moody. “Through this project we hope to encourage young people to use their passion for agriculture to spread the word as early as possible about what we do and what it takes to do it.”

Applications will be accepted starting Monday, November 14 through Sunday, December 11. Students will be provided feedback on their application, and they’ll have a chance to refine it up until Sunday, January 9, 2012. A voting period, during which people can vote on their favorite idea, starts January 16 and runs through February 26. For more information and to register and submit an application, visit www.reachteachlearn.com.

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