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Embrex® Inovoject® System: An Innovative Solution For In Ovo Delivery

DURHAM, N.C.--In ovo, or “in the egg” vaccination has been proven to be the most consistent and effective way to protect birds from disease. The Embrex® Inovoject® System delivers a precise, uniform injection to every egg, every time, offering the most versatile and reliable in ovo delivery platform available.

“The Inovoject System has been in use for over 15 years and vaccinates over 35 million eggs per day worldwide,” says Jason Fryar, Product Line Marketing Director at the Poultry Health Division of Pfizer Animal Health. He added “No other company can come close to that claim.”

The In Ovo Difference

While the animal health industry has developed a variety of treatments for the prevention of poultry diseases, these treatments are not always administered to the birds in ways that ensure effective and consistent results. Conventional therapeutic application has been through hand or spray vaccination post-hatch, through feed and drinking water following placement, or through a combination of these application methods. Such treatments can require multiple post-hatch vaccinations and field boosts, involving costly guesswork. The result is inefficient, inconsistent vaccine delivery.

The benefits of in ovo vaccination and the Inovoject System have been proven repeatedly since its first commercial introduction in 1992.

--   Earlier immunity - An earlier exposure to various vaccines via in ovo vaccination improves disease resistance and bird health at the time when they are placed on the farm. Vaccine delivery through the Inovoject System provides the earliest and most effective in ovo disease protection available.
-- Uniform delivery – The Inovoject System delivers a precise, uniform injection, ensuring accurate dosage to all eggs.
-- Faster processing – Time from hatcher to farm is reduced with the elimination of post-hatch vaccinations.
-- Reduced chick stress – Inoculating eggs before they hatch reduces chick stress and handling associated with post-hatch manual injection.
-- Sanitary process - Needles are individually sanitized after each injection, minimizing contamination concerns as compared with manual post-hatch injection.
-- Reduced labor costs – The Inovoject System automatically injects and transfers eggs from incubation flats to hatching baskets at a rate of up to 60,000 eggs per hour, reducing labor costs by utilizing fewer operators as compared to manual vaccination.
-- Versatility and ease of use - The Inovoject System’s proven performance works reliably in the hatchery environment and the availability of multiple designs ensures compatibility with most incubator configurations. The system’s design allows for efficient cleaning and ease of maintenance.
-- Future products - New products and vaccines are being developed that will effectively control diseases and improve bird health when delivered in ovo with the Inovoject System.

Use of the Inovoject System is now the industry standard. It is used to deliver Marek’s disease vaccine to approximately 85 percent of the 9.1 billion broilers produced annually in the United States. Worldwide, over 600 systems are currently being used in over 30 countries.

The In Ovo Process

The process and technique utilized to administer in ovo vaccines is critical. Inaccurate in ovo delivery of vaccine can lead to an ineffective vaccination and reduced disease protection. The Inovoject System’s innovative design ensures uniform and precise vaccine delivery to each egg.

Between day 17.5 and 19.25 of the bird's 21-day incubation period, eggs in incubation flats are placed into the Inovoject System. A dual needle design injection tooling locates on the egg and punches a hole through the shell with the first needle. A second needle then descends through this hole delivering a preset volume of vaccine into the egg. The vaccinated eggs are then transferred from incubation flats into hatching baskets using an automated transfer system.

Further Innovation

In continuing with the Poultry Health Division of Pfizer Animal Health’s commitment to industry innovation, the new generation of the Inovoject System can be equipped with two cost saving devices –– the Embrex Inovoject System Vaccine Saver® and Egg Remover® System. Both systems are fully integrated and operate in conjunction with the Inovoject System, without requiring additional labor and providing improved efficiency and profitability.

The Vaccine Saver is a patented identification and delivery system that provides accurate, selective delivery to eggs identified as viable. The identification system utilizes multiple pulsed light scans of each egg, improving identification accuracy and ensuring that all viable eggs are injected.

“We are the exclusive suppliers of the Vaccine Saver, which will consistently lower our customer’s vaccination costs and provide an immediate savings benefit,” says Fryar. “This system has been widely accepted in markets where vaccine costs are increasing.”

The Egg Remover System uses a similar candling technology as that used in the Vaccine Saver to identify and remove infertile, early, and mid-dead eggs prior to injection and transfer. By removing non-viable eggs, the Egg Remover System helps to improve hatch and chick quality. Hatchery operations are improved by reductions in mold load and faster chick processing.

Total Customer Service

Users of the Inovoject System have come to recognize and respect the exceptional customer service and technical support that comes with every machine. Each Inovoject System installation includes:

--   Initial device set up and training
-- 24-hour on call availability
-- Preventative maintenance
-- Technical service
-- Continual training and certification
-- Component upgrades

Stacie Brookshire, 336-855-6160 ext. 310
Jason Fryar, 919-941-5185 ext. 43624

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