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Poultry Health Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

DURHAM, N.C.--The Poultry Health Division of Pfizer Animal Health provides innovative solutions to improve the health, productivity, and costs of the poultry industry.

“Pfizer is excited about delivering innovative poultry health solutions,” says Jim Gerardot, Group Director of Global Marketing, EuAfME, Latin America and Mexico Commercial Operations.

The total product offerings from the Poultry Health Division of Pfizer Animal Health include device systems that improve efficiency while reducing costs, and products that protect the health and performance of poultry. The division will continue to improve their current products, while developing new integrated poultry health solutions.

Embrex® Inovoject® Systems

The Inovoject® System is a proprietary, automated machine used to vaccinate chicks in ovo. This system delivers precise, uniform injections, ensuring accurate dosage to all eggs. The Inovoject System stimulates an early immune response and minimizes stress to the bird.

Continuous improvements have been incorporated into an innovative system that is capable of handling the harsh hatchery conditions with the goal of delivering a precise dose of vaccine to every egg, both quickly and accurately.

--   Innovative, modular design capable of operating at over 70,000 eggs per hour
-- System design allows for mobile and more automated stationary operation
-- Patented floating tool design ensures accurate in ovo delivery into each egg
-- Gentle delivery system protects vaccine integrity from bag to egg
-- Dual needle design promotes a sanitary injection process
-- With over 42 models available, this system is built to meet a significant number of hatchery requirements worldwide.

The Inovoject System is an industry leader, being used in over 85 percent of the United States broiler market and in over 30 countries.

Embrex® Inovoject® Systems - Vaccine Saver®

The Vaccine Saver® is used with the Inovoject System and identifies nonviable eggs up to day 11, and then selectively vaccinates the remaining fertilized eggs.

This exclusive system helps lower customers’ vaccination costs, offering a savings of up to 25 percent that would normally be wasted by injecting nonviable infertile and early dead eggs. This system quickly identifies nonviable eggs and empty egg locations for accurate vaccine distribution in to viable eggs. Micropumps ensure dosage accuracy and are safe for all current in ovo vaccines.

Embrex® Inovoject® Systems - Egg Remover®

The Egg Remover® can be use in conjunction with the Inovoject system or operate as a standalone device to identify nonviable eggs and then remove them before injection. Patented candling technology allows the system to measure every egg several times, ensuring a high level of accuracy for removing all clear eggs.

The Egg Remover offers many features and benefits to help improve hatch and reduce cull rate.




Accurate and sanitary - The pulsed light identification system samples each egg multiple times to ensure that they are identified correctly. Only eggs destined for removal are handled by a venturi-vacuum cup system, ensuring that there is no cross contamination of eggs determined as viable.


Hatch improvements - Improvements in airflow created by the removal of nonviable eggs allows for greater airflow exchange, resulting in more rapid removal of heat and carbon dioxide. As a result, users of the Egg Remover System typically have seen up to 1.5 percent hatch improvement, particularly in older flocks.


Data - Data collection is easy to access and will provide general hatch prediction information up to three days prior to hatch. This is beneficial for bird placement schedules and troubleshooting incubation/fertility problems.


Improved hatchery operations – Hatchery clean up and chick-processing time is decreased due to virtually eliminating egg yolk from contaminating hatchery automation and being deposited on the chick. In some markets clear egg removal at transfer can create new waste disposal opportunities and possibly decrease waste disposal fees.


Embrex® Inovoject® Systems - Chick Counter®

The Chick Counter® is a separate digital counting system that is manually fed to count male and female chicks separately. This system has been used predominantly in Brazil for the past 3 to 4 years, and it is being used now in Mexico where manual labor is relatively inexpensive and they still sex sort birds.

The benefits of the Chick Counter system include improved counting accuracy, speed and utilizing existing sex sorting labor to perform two jobs versus one. This system is also used as a way to monitor the performance of the sex sorting personnel.


Bursaplex® is the first Antigen Antibody Complex vaccine developed for the prevention and control of infectious bursal disease (IBD), a disease that affects the immune system of the bird. This revolutionary concept consists of an active antigen with the appropriate ratio of specific antiserum resulting in a safe and effective vaccine for in ovo and subcutaneous at hatch administration.

Bursaplex is administered as a single dose program for IBD control in broilers. This represents an improved, simple and convenient approach for IBD control when compared to conventional vaccination programs, eliminating multiple administrations and the uncertainty of best timing for revaccination. This vaccine is licensed in more than 25 countries and is primarily used in key poultry markets in Asia and Latin America.


Inovocox™ is the first USDA-approved in ovo vaccine for immunization against coccidiosis, a parasitic disease that affects the digestive system of poultry. Traditionally coccidiosis is managed by coccidiostats, chemical compounds delivered orally through feed. This approach requires poultry producers to rotate usage as the birds develop resistance to the coccidiostats.

Inovocox’s ease-of-use and ability to be delivered in ovo with other vaccines is the reason it is being seen as a highly effective alternative to poultry producers around the world. The precise, early and uniform administration of the vaccine assures development of strong immunity, prevention of coccidiosis and the associated detrimental effects on live production.

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