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New Pfizer Poultry Health is Unveiled as Pfizer’s Acquisition of Wyeth Closes

Addition of Wyeth’s Fort Dodge products diversifies and enhances Pfizer Poultry Health’s growing poultry portfolio

RALEIGH, N.C.--A new Pfizer Poultry Health was unveiled today as Pfizer’s global acquisition of Wyeth, and its subsidiary Wyeth / Fort Dodge Animal Health, was completed.

The acquisition allows Pfizer Poultry Health, a unit of Pfizer Animal Health, to strengthen its position as a leader in the discovery, development and manufacturing of devices and vaccines for the global poultry industry.

Fort Dodge brings an estimated 85 poultry products to those already available from Pfizer Poultry Health, resulting in a truly diversified product portfolio that is backed by unrivalled expertise and customer support.

“This is a landmark occasion for Pfizer Poultry Health, which now includes even more best-in-class and innovative products,” said Joyce Lee, vice president, Pfizer Poultry Health. “The products, services and expertise we are gaining strengthen what is already an exceptional in ovo portfolio and will enhance our leadership position in the poultry marketplace.”

Pfizer Poultry Health also announced today that all current pricing, product distribution, programs and policies for Pfizer Poultry Health products, including the acquired Fort Dodge products, will remain in place through 2009.

“In the years ahead, Pfizer Poultry Health plans to become more than just a world leader of in ovo technology,” Lee said. “We will work to ensure customers continue to receive the same high level of service they have come to expect from Pfizer and Fort Dodge. We envision a future where veterinarians, hatchery managers, and poultry producers look to Pfizer Poultry Health first for optimal solutions to their poultry health needs, supported by an expansive product portfolio.”

Pfizer Animal Health’s complete portfolio now contains complementary livestock veterinary products in beef, dairy, swine and poultry production; as well as complementary companion animal veterinary products and a redefined equine portfolio.

About Pfizer Poultry Health

Pfizer Poultry Health, a business unit of Pfizer Animal Health, is a leading provider of innovative, high-performance poultry health solutions to the global poultry industry. Pfizer Poultry Health is committed to delivering reliable products combined with world-class customer service that the global poultry industry has grown to depend on to enhance bird performance and improve poultry operations. For more information about Pfizer Poultry Health, visit www.pfizerpoultryhealth.com.

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