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Zoetis Enhances Veterinary Education in China through Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program

Partners with Chinese Veterinary Medical Association and Kansas State University to facilitate knowledge sharing in veterinary education between United States and China

QINGDAO, CHINA - November 24, 2014 - Zoetis, the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), and Kansas State University (KSU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together and promote the Doctor of Veterinary Program (DVM) in China. This program aims to enhance veterinary services and veterinary training in the country by sharing the collective resources and providing other necessary support.

The agreement was signed at the International Symposium on Veterinary Education held in Qingdao International Convention Center, jointly organized by CVMA, Kansas State University, and International Veterinary Collaboration for China (IVCC) and Zoetis. Maintaining the focus on the future of China’s veterinary education, the organizations committed to furthering China’s veterinary care by creating 50 DVMs in the coming ten years.

Michelle Haven, senior vice-president, Corporate Development, Alliances and Solutions at Zoetis, said “China’s rapid economic expansion comes with an increasing correlation between animal health and public health. The vibrancy of the livestock and poultry breeding sector is closely linked with the nation’s economic vitality. The society’s growing affection for pets has resulted in an ever-increasing attention to animal health. Given our deep experience in China, we understand that veterinary education is an important piece of the puzzle in China’s animal care. We are committed to give full assistance to help boost the quality of veterinary education by taking advantage of our resources and expertise in the area.”

The DVM Program is led by Kansas State University and supported by six American Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and thirteen Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Research Institutes in China. Since 2012, the program has facilitated knowledge sharing and sent students to the US to study courses on pre-veterinary medicine and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, facilitating development of China's veterinary discipline and the internationalization of veterinary education in the country. Chinese veterinary education plays a vital role for ensuring animal health, promoting productivity and guaranteeing supply and safety of animal-derived food, all of which sit at the core of maintaining industrial development momentum.

Since its launch on October 2012, in Suzhou, six students have been sent to US under the DVM program. Zoetis has funded full tuition and living expenses for the pre-vet study of six students enrolled in 2012 and 2013 with Phase I Funding. These students have passed the American veterinarian admissions tests after a one-year pre-veterinary course at KSU. Four students will study the DVM course in KSU and two students at the University of Minnesota.

For Phase II funding, Zoetis will sponsor an additional 24 students for the pre-vet study of the DVM Program through payment to KSU (but not living expenses) and the student activities for four years of DVM Program for student tuition/stipends. The tuition/stipend portion of this support will be known as the Zoetis IVCC Scholarship which will be managed and coordinated by KSU.

Speaking at the international symposium, Ralph Richardson, Dean of KSU's College of Veterinary, said, “The six students recruited in the first stage of the DVM Program have adapted well to the campus and academic life, and demonstrated strong innovation capability in classes and internship programs. We see the future of China's veterinary education in them, and we are also full of hope for China's future contributions to the global livestock and poultry industry”.  

About Zoetis

Zoetis (zô-EH-tis) is the leading animal health company, dedicated to supporting its customers and their businesses. Building on more than 60 years of experience in animal health, Zoetis discovers, develops, manufactures and markets veterinary vaccines and medicines, complemented by diagnostic products and genetic tests and supported by a range of services. In 2013, the company generated annual revenue of $4.6 billion. With approximately 9,800 employees worldwide at the beginning of 2014, Zoetis has a local presence in approximately 70 countries, including 27 manufacturing facilities in 10 countries. Its products serve veterinarians, livestock producers and people who raise and care for farm and companion animals in 120 countries.  For more information, visit www.zoetis.com.

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