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Zoetis Foundation Announces First Round of 2022 Grants to Advance Farmer and Veterinarian Education, Livelihoods and Wellness

April 12, 2022
  • $4.9 million pledged to 20 initiatives across Africa, Brazil, China, Ukraine and the U.S.
  • Commitments made to support veterinary scholarships, diversity and inclusion programming and mental wellness in the U.S.; livestock farmers and veterinary livelihoods in Africa, Brazil and China; and relief efforts in Ukraine

Today, the Zoetis Foundation announced that it will distribute $4.9 million during its first round of 2022 grants, supporting 20 initiatives based in 19 countries to help enable thriving professions and livelihoods for livestock farmers and veterinary professionals as well as relief efforts in Ukraine.

Veterinarians, veterinary technicians and livestock farmers provide invaluable services to our communities, raising and caring for animals to be healthy and productive. Yet veterinarians and farmers face immeasurable challenges globally—from rising student debt and a lack of diversity to mental health challenges, including higher risks of suicide.

The Zoetis Foundation has selected grantees that will provide greater access to education and mental wellness resources, expand veterinary debt relief, support diversity and inclusion efforts, and help enable thriving livelihoods by funding programs that support veterinary practices and farmers adopting sustainable and resilient business practices.

“People who care for animals are at the center of everything we do. As veterinarians and farmers continue to face mounting challenges, we are thrilled to fund a variety of organizations that are identifying innovative solutions and making a positive impact in our communities,” said Jeannette Ferran Astorga, President of the Zoetis Foundation and Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Communications and Sustainability at Zoetis.

Additionally, as the situation in Ukraine continues to evolve, the Zoetis Foundation is helping to provide critical support to affected communities with an initial donation of $150,000 to the Red Cross, and is matching colleague donations made to the organization globally (up to $150,000). To learn more about what Zoetis Inc. is doing to support people and animals in Ukraine, please visit

The full list of first-round 2022 grant recipients includes:

Scholarships, Debt Relief, Diversity and Inclusion programming

Improving Livelihoods

Mental Wellness

The Zoetis Foundation was announced in 2021 to support communities and the people who care for animals. In its first year of grantmaking, the Foundation supported scholarships and diversity initiatives to help drive a more inclusive veterinary community in the U.S. In 2022 and beyond, the Foundation will expand to provide support across global initiatives focused on education, debt relief, diversity and inclusion, livelihoods, and mental wellness. The Foundation has committed an initial $35 million in funding through 2025.

The Zoetis Foundation is not soliciting grant proposals at this time. The Zoetis Foundation is a private charitable organization and is solely funded by Zoetis Inc., with distinct legal requirements and restrictions.

About the Zoetis Foundation

The Zoetis Foundation supports communities and the people who care for animals, with a specific focus on advancing opportunities for veterinarians and farmers around the world. The Foundation’s grantmaking and strategic efforts provide access to education and mental wellness resources, expand veterinary debt relief, support diversity and inclusion efforts, and enable thriving livelihoods by funding programs that help veterinary practices and farmers adopt sustainable business practices. To learn more about the Foundation, please visit:


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